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    What was once a pipe dream between by two sophomore Dartmouth students in 2016 quickly became one of the most revolutionary and successful groups to hit the Dartmouth scene. Founded in 2016 and boasting countless bookings, talented producers, and numerous accomplished DJs, Booth is a new music collective changing both the DJ and music culture at Dartmouth and the surrounding upper-valley area.
    What has helped Booth stand out and be successful is the team mentality ingrained within each member. “We’re a group of 8 very close friends with one unifying vision” said “phogen_” alias of founding member PJ O’Sullivan. “We all are motivated to not only influence each other, but influence those around us with high quality performance and professionalism”.
    Booth is far from just a performance group. Each member also is involved with their own musical craft. Ranging from electronic music production, to sound design, hip-hop production, rapping, or live music performance, members are all incredibly involved and equally talented with various creative outlets. Having collectively amassed nearly 800k plays on SoundCloud, Booth is talented throughout the team.
    The foundation for Booth has been successfully set. However, the vision is much larger. In the future, you can look forward to live performances, beat cyphers, a clothing line, a YouTube channel with tutorials and music videos, and many other outlets from Booth. Look out for Booth this 2018.

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